The world of Maikumea

After several centuries of contact with the Abyss, the land itself was tainted. Once the connection was broken (at the end of the last campaign), however the land began to heal with the help of Osiphilis, a powerful druid.

The Old gods have left or been banished and a new power has emerged in it’s place. The Talmek triplets, children of the most powerful man in the most powerful city have ascended to godhood by unknown means. Like their father before them, they are powerful and ruthless, guarding their power and always searching to accumulate more. Together they represent the Evil domains on all it’s axises, and their disciples rule the city of Talbral in their name.

There are Four major realms on this world:

Vanir, the northlands, inhabited by tribes of Giants and recently taken under the control of the Three Gods of Talbral. Talbral, a large city once known as the Rock, sits on Vanir’s southern Border and is the capital of that land. A major Highway was built and now reaches from one end of the former wild lands to the other.

Loxosphil, Southwest of Vanir is a wild, lush land that is still healing from centuries of immersion in the Abyss. The Three are not worshipped here, but powerful druids guide the people toward a more harmonious life with the land. There was a long standing peace between Talbral and Loxosphil, that is now becoming strained after Talbral’s annexation of Vanir. Much of Loxosphil is wild and many creatures there still bear the taint of the Abyss. There has been rumors of non druidic true divine casters in the western wilds of Loxosphil, but none of the Dark Masters spies have been ale to substantiate these claims.

Al-Quaz lays to the east of Talbral and south of Vanir, mostly protected by mountains although the Reaper’s armies have attacked some outlying border posts in the Northern reaches. Most of Al-Quaz is a vast desert, save for the verdant Oasis cities connected by railroads built before the fall of Bral and maintained by old magic. Unlike Vanir and Loxosphil the land of Al-Quaz was never touched by the Abyss, some say due to their unwavering faith in the old gods. The People of Al-Quaz still cling to that faith, and the Old gods are still worshipped there, but none can remember when the clerics last wielded divine power. The residents of Al-Quaz are now one People as the Illumians, or living spells made flesh, who once ruled the land became normal humans with the ascension of the Three. As the magic left them, it also left their servants, the Golems, and no functioning constructs of any kind have been seen since the Three camw into power. There is now a democracy that rules Al-Quaz put in place and maintained by the Fated hand.

Vancalla is a large peninsula that lies south of Al-Quaz and is mostly untouched by the expansion of Talbral, they have open trade with both Al-Quaz and Loxosphil. Vancalla is really a collection of city-states, constantly scheming with and against each other in a constant ebb and flow of broken alliances. Intrigue and treachery is prevalent in most of this land, and these disputes often lead to fighting. Humans run many of the City-States of Vancalla, but there a few that are run by other races. Herllen, the northern most City-State in the Vancallan Alliance, is ruled by Gnomes and hasn’t been involved in any wars for over 100 years. They have made a considerable sum of money by charging tolls to both the Al-Quazian and Vancallan merchants to pass through their territories, a much easier path than the harsh mountain paths that are the only other passage between the two kingdoms. Snaarhelk, to the south, is a port city run by the Giff, a hippo like race brought here by the elven armada’s return. They maintain a large navy that protects the Vancallan trade routes from constant raiding from Pirate lords. Many of the City-states will tolerate, if not actually welcome, races of all kinds. The streets of the cities are treacherous and dangerous, but the lands that surround them are pleasant and fertile, encompassing all types of terrain from lush plains to verdant forests. Many rivers flow from the mountains that form the western border to the sea that forms the east. Vancalla is the only land where elves are still awake, and many elven nobles from the Armada who have returned to this world seek to find what has happened to their brethren who had remained behind after the great Exodus.

Undoubtedly the most powerful of the Three Gods is the Dark Master. Portrayed as a large robed figure, with a hood that hides it’s features and glowing eyes, the Dark Master controls the inquisitions that hunt down and destroy all Non-Druidic Divine casters that do not follow the Three. The inquisition has a special hatred for the powerful but rare Ur-Priests who siphon divine power directly from the heavens and use for their own purposes.

The Reaper is a Death God, large, obscenely muscled and mute. The vast well disciplined armies of Talbral and now Vanir are led by warrior priest of the Reaper, whose divine magics decimate opposing armies. it is largely due to the Reaper’s priests that the lands of Vanir fell under the sway of the city of Talbral.

The Seductress is a vain, capricious goddess often seen as a deadly beautiful woman. She delights in tempting men to accept her gifts which are always barbed. Her priests and priestesses run the slave pits of Talbral, which are the backbone of the city’s economy.

The world of Maikumea

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