The Church of the Three

The Church of the Three
Each of the Three has a four-month period where their priests are given a seat of honor at ceremonies and celebrations. Although the standing between sects does not change, and there is still some animosity and jealousy between the followers, this ritual is followed by all. Those priests who balk at this practice, or fail to give reverence to a priest of higher rank from one of the Three whose month it is, find themselves plagued with nightmares or in extreme cases even denied spells.

Rethe (3rd month) 1 – Day of the Dark Master
This is the beginning of Sebastian’s period, and is the start of a new tax period. Important contracts are often signed on this day, and any contract signed or witnessed by a priest of the dark master must be completed within these four months.

Thrimidge (5th month) 9 – Day of the Three
This is a special day for followers of the three, also known sometimes as the Day of Reprieve. It celebrates the actual Birthday of the triplets. All contracts, vendettas, and punishments are put on hold for the day, and a celebration of the glory of the Three closes all businesses. There is a general air of debauchery, and even the most stalwart follower of the Dark Master has been known to give in to his baser desires for the day.

Afterlithe (7th month) 1 – Day of Temptation
This holiday is the most popular as it is a 24-hour party where anything and everything goes. All people are encouraged to let go of their inhibitions and the priests of Cassandra often fund the parties from their churches coffers. There is something for everyone to be found on the Day of Temptation as each sect of the Seductress hosts a party that caters to their particular sin. There are feasts of never-ending food and drink, huge orgies, gladiatorial fights, decadent massage parties, and back alley murders. No laws are upheld on this day by the church, and many of the poorer citizens of Vanir and Tabral band together to protect themselves from the sometimes violent mobs that wander the streets. Mercenaries sometimes make half a years pay in one night as the rich pay exorbitant prices to them for protection as they enjoy the revelry.

Blotmath (11th month) 1 – Day of Death
This Day is where all living creatures pay homage to the Lord of the underworld. Gravesites of loved ones are visited during this day, and there are competitions of warriors always brutal and violent and often deadly. Assassins often take contracts on this day to ensure the Reapers blessing in their endeavors. In Vanir, the Jarls will publicly initiate feuds with neiboring Jarls on this day as well, to show the Reaper their courage and pledge the souls of their enemies as tribute.

On the History of the Three-
The Three were once mortals, powerful mortals, but mortal all the same. Nothing is known as to how they ascended, but there is some knowledge on the life of the Dark Master, known then as Sebastian Talmek, and somewhat less of his two siblings, Cassandra and Alestair. Their father, Maximillian was head of one of the most powerful Guilds that ran the City known then as the Rock and now as Talbral. Sebastian was a calculating, cruel man but in comparison to his father, he was practically a saint. Sebastian was tasked by his father to gather certain items and knowledge for an unknown end.
To this end he collected a group of capable people. These adventurers are known in the church as the Companions.

  • Loviatar- an elven warrior/sneak,
  • Carlos- a half-giant warrior/psychic, who later found his faith and wielded divine powers.
  • Maze Azu – a Medusae warrior,
  • Raza – A half-elf psychic/sneak,
  • Yan – a constructed being with psychic powers,
  • Diamajia – A drow warrioress,
  • Jarre – a Duregar wizard/Priest.
  • Thae – A male Drow warrior
  • Pai Mei – a human Monk/Priest

Loviatar is known as the betrayer, she sided with Maximillian when Sebastian fought against his father after Maximillian had his siblings killed, and she was killed in the final battle between father and son. Carlos and Maze were also killed off, and Yan, Jarre and Diamjia disappeared soon after the last battle, although Yan was rumored to have returned to Al-Quaz to rejoin the Fated Hand. Raza, who was heavy with a child from a brutal violation, stayed in The Rock during the riots that engulfed the city after The Triplets ascended, but all trace of her was lost before her child was born. There is documentation of the first priests of Sebastian hunting for her, but the reasons for that were never recorded. Both Pai mei and Thae were said to be turned into vampires in Al-Quaz, Pai mei was supposedly destroyed, but of Thae there was no record.

The Church of the Three

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