The cousins of the triplets were the first to receive divine blessings after the ascendancy, and the family still rules over the government of Talbral. The High seats of priesthood however are no longer in the family.

The High Priest of the Dark master is a Human male named Alevendar Tek. The high Priestess of the Seductress is a female Drow named Sharvindalar. The High Priest of the reaper is a Beholder called Bligoshovex. All three are also powerful Psions.

A few of the ruling houses that were aligned with house Talmek at the time of the Triplets father’s defeat managed to maintain their alliance with the cousins and their descendants still survive as minor nobility. They are House Tukar and House Allkwen.

The Tukar families are aligned with the Seductress’ church and have a significant interest in the Slave Trade out of Talbral.

The Allkwen family has aligned with the surviving Dwarves of Talbral who are secluded and secretive and produce the finest weapons in this part of the world, supplying both the Reaper’s armies and the Jarls of Vanir with weapons.


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