LN – Kuldarra (The Iron Womb, the Surveyor, Steelmother)

“The Plan encompasses every eventuality, those that have happened and those that will. By mapping out our own lives in cooperation, not servitude nor self-serving greed, can we advance The Plan, and usher in a time where all work as one.”

Portfolio: Constructs, forged materials, mechanical and arcane science, plans (agreements), teamwork, record keeping.

Domains: Artifice, Creation, Forge, Law, Destiny, Pact, City

Priests of the Steelmother have been found clustered in Gerllun preaching against the three. many of the dwarves claim that Kuldarra is an aspect of their ancient patron Gond, who has returned to free them from the dominion of the Three. Many sages dispute this claim due to Kuldarra’s and Gond’s many conflicting portfolio’s and Dogmas.

Kuldarran priests are the sole source of Mithrite in Maikumea


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