Herllen, the northern most City-State in the Vancallan Alliance, is ruled by Gnomes and hasn’t been involved in any wars for over 100 years. They have made a considerable sum of money by charging tolls to both the Al-Quazian and Vancallan merchants to pass through their territories, a much easier path than the harsh mountain paths that are the only other passage between the two kingdoms.

There are three major Gnomish clans that run Herllen, although there are many lesser clans that do work for the major three. These are their names in Gnomish and common. Clan Janwed (Blessed Diamond), Clan Arumuran (Mighty Guardian), and Clan Rassvan (Green Friend).

Clan Janwed is the major exporter and negotiator with merchants that pass through Herllen. They set the tolls and tariffs and most of the lesser clans in Herllen work for them in some capacity.

Clan Arumuran are mostly warriors and border guards. The majority of the Neutrale in Herllen are members of that clan.

Clan Rassvan has members in the city, but most live in the outlying hills and swamps. They are the spiritual leaders of Herllen, druidic healers and farmers. Aside from Janwed they have the most lesser clans working for them.

As of late, there has been no communication from the Rulers of Herllen, giving rise to much speculation as to the cause.


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