Elven artifacts

Elven Artifacts

The majority of this tome is a list of all known artifacts; Minor and Major, and intelligent items, along with a brief description of it’s know and rumored powers, as well as a listing of all known bearers of such items, which is noticeably lacking in most places.

Intelligent Items
Though not technically Arifacts in the truest sense of the word, these strange items, usually weapons, are worth noting. Imbued with a sentience of their own, most commonly through powerful magic of the highest order but sometimes through other methods, are always created with a specific purpose which the item will unfailingly pursue by any means available to it.
A catalog of all the items of this type created by the Elven scholars of old is available to those who have access to the main libraries that were created by the first people on their arrival of this world.

Minor Artifacts
The origins and methods for creating such items is either lost or was never known to mortals, although the first Elves who arrived on their ships (whose method of propulsion are themselves items of this category) apparently had the means to create items of this magnitude.
Many of the minor Artfacts were apparently created in multiples as there is ample evidence of several “copies” or at least duplicated powers being found at times in ancient hordes of one sort or another by successful adventurers. The most common of these are the various books devoted to Good or Evil, or the Deck of Many Things, although there are those who claim that there are but one of such item that simply re-manifest elsewhere when they are no longer in possession of someone who can wield them. This theory, however lends a certain base intelligence of some sort that has not shown itself in any other way that has yet been documented.
The “Planar Chairs” mentioned earlier, used to carry the ships of the Elven armada through planar boundaries, were indisputably created in multiples. Though some claim that they are not actually artifacts, their lack of resemblance to any known spells in any specific way, and the fact that any knowledge of their creation is lost, and that any attempts to recreate them has ended in failure, certainly seems to place them squarely in the category of Minor Artifacts.
Another curious anomaly in categorizing arises when one looks at the great “Elven Teleporters” that were used in the First Age of this world. True, there are parallels to the function of these stations in known spells, and there are even successes in re-creating certain aspects of their function, true replication and methods of creations of the full spectrum of these Artifact’s power have so far proven impossible. Most sages view each of these stations, of which at the present time there are known to be six of, as individual creations of great power whose origins, other than being of Elven make, are for the most part lost; which would seem to justify the claim that they be considered Minor Artifacts. There are some indications and precedents that these stations are actually a single unit, which may lead some to consider it a Major Artifact, as it would then be a unique item.
It is known that each station is linked to each other, and that simply entering the number of the unit that you wish to travel to can facilitate travel between them. A somewhat lesser known function, only accessible by one who knows the correct key sequence, will allow the user to transport to anyplace where the user can clearly visualize or somehow mark with Abjuration magic that anchors a marker in space. There are rumors other functions of the stations that have been kept secret by the Elves, in spite of their apparent liberality in allowing others to use these items. Theses other functions, however are almost certainly tied to transport or teleportation magic in some way.

Elven artifacts

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