Mithrite has the following properties:

Any weapon or armor made from Mithrite weighs half as much as a similar item made from steel.

Armor made from Mithrite is considered one category lighter for purposes of determining movement and proficiency, and other limitations. Spell Failure chances for armor or shields made from Mithrite are decreased by 10%, maximum Dexterity bonus is increased by 2, and armor check penalties are decreased by 3. Armor made from Mithrite grants its wearer Damage Reduction depending on its original (unaltered) category: Light 1/-, Medium 2/-, Heavy 3/-. Armor Made from Mithrite is always considered Masterwork, have hardness 25, and twice as many hit points as armor made of ordinary metal.

Weapons made from Mithrite ignore hardness of material less than 20, are always considered masterwork, and bypass Damage Reduction as if made from silver and adamantite.

Mithrite has 60 HP per inch of thickness and Hardness 25. Any Armor or weapon made from Mithrite is considered to have the Blueshine property.


Mithrite is a fantastic substance that is coveted by the Church of the Three and it’s allies. The secret of its creation is known only by a few agents of the goddess Kuldarra, based in Gerllun.

It has the properties of both Mithril and Adamantite, making it useful beyond compare in both weapon and armor smithing. It is a dark gray in color with a visible sheen of sparkling silver running through it, similar to carbon folding marks on samurai swords.

Currently there is no cost for items made of mithrite as only a priest of Kulldarra can make them. There are a relatively small amount of simple mithrite weapons that have been made to be distributed by the Church of the Iron Womb in an effort to spread the word of it’s dogma.

The Church of Kuldarra will sometimes make special items from mithrite to give as gifts to those help their cause in some way.


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