The Rock IV

The lighter side of Dark

Before reaching House Nodeliphur, they group was once again ambushed, this time by more agents of House Quantuk, although whether it was for retaliation for the groups past encounter with them or because Cassandra Talmek was deep in their territory it was never known. A pitched battle ensued in whuch Cassandra and Kaui were separated from the others, taking refuge in a busy warehouse. Kai went to try and commandeer a wagon to make his escape to safety with their charge, while the others fought off a contingent in the streets. Unbeknownst to the two inside, however, the leader teleported inside and cornered Cassandra while Kai was occupied with the wagon.
Hearing her cry, he charged toward the interloper and with one fell swoop of his psychic blade, clove him in twain, further cementing Cassandra’s infatuation with the mysterious Kai. The others outside quickly dealt with the remaining attackers and they regrouped, and managed to make it to House Nodeliphur without further incident.
Upon arrival, a servant told them that Bingolshan was delayed and they would have to wait at least 4 or 5 hours to meet with him. The servant invited them into the main tower of the Nodeliphur grounds to wait, but when Kai crossed the threshold of that place, he suddenly felt alone for the first time in his memory. He immediately freaked out, Kai-style, and the party asked to wait somewhere else. The servant showed them to a row of cottages where they were invited to wait.
Cassandra kept trying to spend time close to Kai, who was having none of it, so the party managed to separate from her long enough for Kai and else to trade faces which mollified her and the group rested for a while to await Bingolshan’s return.
Kai refused to enter into the tower again, so the remainder of the party, including Otto disguised as Kai went up to meet Bingolshan when the time came.
Cassandra’s father had sent her there to negotiate a deal for her and her escorts to visit an ancient elven library, presumably the same one that the group had already been to. An arrangement was made for Cassandra to meet up with some Drow in the lower city, who would escort them into the Tainted ruins beneath the city to access the library. Escorting them out of the tower, Kai met up with them at the base, and he recognized the head of house Nodeliphur as the Albino elf who had not only accosted him in Karillia, but also showed himself to him in a dream (or memory) as one of the ones who had DID THIS to him.
He was too shocked to react and Cassandra was acting restless, so the party left to find a room and rest up for real.
Upon finding an inn Cassandra grew bored and relentlessly tried to get Otto (disguised as Kai) to go and enjoy some of the nightlife in a seedier part of the Rock. He did taking her on a rip roaring tour, making sure she would be horribly hung-over the next morning, giving them all time to prepare for trip down to the lower city.



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