The Rock IV

On our own again


Early the next morning, Shanalern contacted the group to tell them that he had deciphered the text and that it was actually instructions to activate that master teleporter. He was very excited and wanted to make plans to meet.

After some discussion with Shanalern the group decided to risk reneging on the deal with Maximillian Talmek in order to find this master teleporter and hopefully return to where they belonged. There were a few issues however.

The first was that there was some major disturbance in the Undercity and the Palace had shut down all travel between the levels until further notice. They had also issued a call for adventurers represented by a major house to deal with the problem down below. Details were sketchy, but rumors suggested that there was some sort of riot; possibly of undead that was quickly spreading through the depths of the Rock.

Shanalern believed that he could back the group as adventurerers, as he was not sure what steps the Palace had taken to prevent magical travel between the levels, only that it was likely that there was some sort of step taken. The group decided to risk using magic to reach the Breach in the barrier they used in the past, rather than trying to travel by more mundane means and be seen openly forsaking House Talmek for house Shanalern.

The second was to locate the Master teleporter and find a way to get there, which Shanalern believed that he could do. Volaar had an even better solution. Several days ago, he had a long discussion with Else about the Gods and the nature of divinity and had discovered through that process that he had past lives and he could remember them clearly. He was reluctant to share many details, but he assured them that he knew precisely where this teleporter was, after Shanalern’s description, and was confident that he knew where this “Master Teleporter” was located, and could get the group there.

Decided, Shanalern left to prepare, telling them to meet him at the elven beacon he showed them in the Undercity the next day at Sundown. He suggested they lay low at Vonkar’s until then and not be seen walking the streets if possible. They agreed and left for the old dwarf’s temple to wait out the night.

In the morning, as they made ready to prepare, Otto decided to scout out the entrance to make sure the way was clear before the group left en-masse into the city. He noticed several men laying in wait near the main entrance; upon closer inspection he noticed they wore the colors of house Qantuk and hurried back in to warn the others.

Vonkar asked them to not bring their troubles into his place, and told them of a rarely used side entrance from the building that they could use to leave. They quickly gathered their things and left, planning to gather and teleport to the beacon at the first sign of trouble.
That trouble was not in coming, as the ambush set for them was larger than Otto had been able to see. Phaedra ranged ahead of the group to scout out a crossroads and was spotted and ambushed by a psion of House Qantuk who quickly teleportrd next to her and dealt her a grievous blow using the same techniques that Volaar had recently learned with the help of Else. Volaar charged him, eager to challenge a practitioner of the Sublime way, and caved in the side of his head with his hammer killing him instantly. The streets immediately cleared in response to the sudden violence, leaving about twelve members of house Qantuk to engage the party. As Vollaar called the others to him so the could make their escape a cone of Ice and frigid air descended upon him, else and Ungar as an Ogre-mage appeared in the air above them, girded for battle.

The group amassed and teleported down to the Beacon only two find Shanalern surrounded by Drow and their minions and bleeding from many wounds. The others joined in the battle, trying to save Shanalern from overwhelming odds when the Ogre-mage surprisingly appeared to join the fray. After a pitched battle in which Else was nearly killed but was saved by Phaedra’s magic and Volaar managed to incapacitate the Ogre-mage with his magic, but he somehow escaped anyway, the group headed out once again into the Abyss-infected under-city outside of the bubble to find the library and rest up before heading out into Parasabda to try and find this Master Teleporter.



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