Ungar Grumall


name/AL/S/R Ungar Grumvall / CN / M / Hegeyokai Racoon Dog (Shapechanger)
class/lvl Ranger-11/Forest Reeve-1//Rogue-7/Warshaper-5
AC (T/FF) 31 (18/30)
speed 50
init 5
HP / Wounded / Injured 157 / 78(-2) / 39 (-3)
fort 19
ref 19
will 8
str 26 (8)
dex 22 (
con 22 (6)
int 13 (
wis 12 (1)
chr 12 (
BaB//Grapple 12/7/2//20

full Attack
Lajatang 22/17/12 d813+d6 (F or C) Sneak Attack+4d6
2-Hand 20/15/10 d89+d6 F off 20/15/10 d85+d6 C

Climb+18, Conc+16, Hide+21, Jump+27, Kn Nat+2, Listen+16, MS+21, Spot+16, Surv+16, Tumble+23

Languages- Common, Hengeyokai, Dwarven

Track, Ex W. Prof- Lajatang, 2 W. Ftr, Endurance, Power Attack, 2 Weap Def, W. Focus-Lajatang, Imp 2 W. Ftr, Imp 2 W. Def, Combat Reflexes, Gr 2 W. Ftr, Gr 2 W. Def, Deadly Precision,
AP Feats: Cleave, Leap of the Heavens, Leap Attack, 2 W. Pounce, Sneak Attack of Opportunity

special abilities
Low Light Vision, Shapechanger, Alt Form, Flashmorph, Morphic Healing, Fast healing-2, Spiritual connection, Favored enemy- Monst Hum+2, Giants+4, Morphic Immunities, Morphic Body, Morphic Weapons, Scent, Morphic Reach, Sneak Attack+4d6, Trapfinding, Evasion, Imp Evasion, Uncanny Dodge, Woodland Stride, Fast Move, Earth’s Defender +1, Nature’s Rejuvenation

Lajatang 1/1 flaming/frost, 3 Chainshirt, +1 comp L.bow (7 Pull), 20 arrows, Ring Protect 2, Gloves of Ogre Power2, 10 potions cure lt wds, 2 potions invis, 2 potions barkskin 3, Hand of the Oak Father- 1/day: entangle, Barkskin, Plant Growth, Speak w/ plants, Treeshape CL 5, pouch of everlasting Rations, Replenishing Skin, 100’ rope, 4 potions Cure Mod, scroll teleportation, Psychoactive Skin of Celestial-(7rds) smite evil +10 dam, DR- 5/magic, Darkvision 60’, Resist A,C,E- 10, SR-15, Unicorn Brooch- cure Mod 3x, Sending Stone (phaedra), Bracers of Dex4, Healing Belt, Boots stride/Spring, Cloak of Resist +3, Amulet Nat Arm +3


The Story of Ungar

When the infinity of the Abyss was let loose upon the world, the people of Parasabda were scattered and many died. The survivors fled deeper and deeper into the embrace of the Forest to escape the Demons that were ravaging all that lived.

Much of the Forest itself was corrupted and twisted by the influence of this great evil, but there were pockets of the Forest that remained pure. The Hengeyokai believe that these pockets were the sites where the victors of the Yokai War were merged with the Henge heroes and where their race itself was born.

In one of these pockets there was a city that had sprouted up and thrived, largely due to the efforts and kindness of a group of refugee dwarves. These dwarves were crucial in fighting off a group of Fire giants that had also settled here in their flight from the Abyss. These giants, like most of their kind, were cruel and greedy and allied themselves with the Yuan-ti and other children of the minions of Snake and Spider to harass and torture the Henge.
The Dwarves had used their skills in stone and metal to build a place of safety and beauty for all the surviving Henge, and had shared their knowledge and with all who were fair and good, and they were stalwart allies of the Hengeyokai who were descended from those who fought with Owl and Crane.

Over the Hundreds of years that the corruption was present, brave heroes, both Hengeyokai and otherwise would venture out to find other places that were spared from this tainting.
One of these Heroes was young Ungar, a Hengeyokai descendant of Raccoon Dog who lived in forest just outside of this city. He was given a magic bag that always was full with nutritious, if tasteless food, and a skin that was always full of lukewarm water.
Ungar traveled for two years and slew many Demons on his journey before he came upon a great city in the mountains that was protected by some great Magic. He tried for many days to find a way inside, but could not find a way past the barrier that kept the city inside green and full of life. He wanted nothing more than to drink fresh, cool water and smell something beside ash.

Try as he might, he could not find a way inside, and he began to despair that he had traveled so far, found what he was searching for, but could not get to it. Just then, there was a great ripping sound and the barrier fell. The ever-present black cloud cover that covered the sun his entire journey began to part and he saw the stars of the night sky for the first time since he left the oasis where his people lived under the protection of Parasabda.
Within a few hours, the sky became clear again, and Ungar could hear the far cries of the Demons as the world they lived in for so long began the slow journey back toward health. A wind began to blow and a slight, cool rain fell from a cloudless sky, blowing and washing away the ash that had covered everything for so long.

He could see that the barrier surrounding the city was gone, so he began the long climb up the mountain toward the city.

By the time he reached the walls of the city, dawn had broken and he could see for miles around as the sun shone down upon fields of ash for the first time in hundreds of years. The walls of the city were old and crumbled, and changing into his animal form he was able to find his way in.

It smelled badly, as if thousands of people had lived crowded together in a space too small for them for too long, which was exactly what happened. The city itself was in chaos, there was fighting, looting, fires and death everywhere. Not knowing anyone or where to go, he was forced to kill several Henge before he managed to find a safe place spend the day and rest.
The next night was almost as bad as the world outside; there were wounded, dying and dead bodies everywhere and the many of the fires still burned and were spreading. Just as he was making the decision to leave this place of horrors, he saw a group of Dwarves working to help some of the fallen and put out some of the fires that had not gotten completely out of control yet.

Taking his Henge form, he went out and began to help them. All he knew of Dwarves from home was that they were trustworthy and honorable, so he felt that he could trust them.
Luckily for him he was right, and he soon befriended the leader of these Dwarves, a Henge named Vonkar Dwobin.

Vonkar and Ungar soon became friends, bonding over the toil of helping the fallen Henge and fighting off the gangs and thugs that had banded together to prey on the weak. They soon joined up with a Henge named Osiphilius, who was a powerful Earth priest.
Osiphilus gathered one of the human gangs and used them and his powers to hold and maintain the farmlands on the three peaks. He taught those of his gang who showed promise the ways of nature and slowly gained control of the city using his plentiful food source as leverage instead of violence. A few non-humans resisted, eating their victims to survive, but most joined with Osiphilus and eventually his gang took control of the whole city.
After the gang violence was brought under control, Osiphilus set the surviving citizens to collect all the bodies that had gone into torpor and keep them safe and comfortable in the hopes that they would eventually awaken.

There were thousands of bodies in this state and it was a massive undertaking. Even worse was the ten thousand or more actually dead bodies that piled up in the streets and houses from the riots, destruction and gang war. Disease was already a problem, and was only going to get worse, so Osiphilus decided to move the survivors out of the city and into the forests surrounding the mountain slopes. After setting the bodies of the torpor victims safely inside the church of Saint Cuthbert, Osiphilus gathered the 8,000 surviving men, women and children and led them out of the city.

These refugees, led by Osiphilus, headed south into the devastated countryside. Most of the natural life was gone, long dead for hundreds of years, and the few plants and animals that did survive were twisted almost beyond recognition. The refugees were beset on all side by horrible half demons, and even some demons themselves that were left behind when the gate was closed.

By the end of the first week, nearly half the refugees were gone, either killed in attacks or disappearing in the night. Midday during the eighth day of their journey the bedraggled band came upon an ancient castle, still standing despite the many years that had hammered down upon it.

The refugees settled into the large castle, and thanks to Osiphilius and his disciples managed to survive and thrive, fending off the creatures that inhabited the landscape around them. Using his magic, Osiphilius slowly restored the land surrounding the old keep, called Bloodwatch of old, according to some scholars who had escaped the riots and hoped to find some of the ancient libraries from before the World was engulfed if they survived.
These survivors soon found out the ancient purpose of Bloodwatch, long forgotten or perhaps ignored by the scholars. To the East a large desolate valley filled with lava flows and fumaroles was home of old to tribes of barbarous Fire Giants. Now twisted and interbred with demons, a horde of these barbarians assaulted Bloodwatch, drawn by the signs of life. The refugees fought them off, but there were many casualties and with their numbers dwindling, they were decided to move on.

Not all were in agreement however, remembering the harrowing journey from the Rock, many of the warriors opted to stay, thinking that thick walls were better protection than the open wilds. So Bozena Kieracul, a follower of Osiphilius and powerful druid herself, volunteered to stay with the 900 or so who would not leave the safety of Bloodwatch.

Ungar and Vonkar stayed with them, Vonkar to feel the reassuring walls of stone around him once again, and Ungar to fight these giants, ancient enemies of the Henge of his home in Parasabda.

Osiphilus and the remaining 2,500 remaining refugees headed south, encountering some danger but nothing like the Giant attacks at Bloodwatch. All along the way, Osiphilius and his druids were working on cleansing the land as they went.

After a few weeks of travel, they came upon a valley; most likely once lush, but now like the rest of the land scarred and devastated. Osiphilus chose this valley to settle in because of a sapling, a small oak tree that was growing, pushing itself out from the ash that layered the ground.

Meanwhile back in Bloodwatch the survivors were fighting for their lives as the giants attacked in earnest. The old stones of Bloodwatch held and they survived, but with casualties. Each of the survivors was blooded though, tested in battle against overwhelming odds and finding steel within themselves.
They decided to be more proactive against the beasts that infested the lands around them, and formed groups that would patrol for and eventually hunt down the monsters that lived around them.

This task proved larger than any of them thought as Hundreds of years later the groups, named Wardens, still survive. Their task has changed over the years. They still hunt down monsters that threaten towns or farmers if word reaches them in time.
They are also the Realm of Loxosphil’s de-facto army, though not large, the groups are effective and work well together. They operate out of Bloodwatch, which still guards over the Chasm of Ash to ensure that none of the Barbarian tribes invade Loxosphil, and many young men and women make the journey to Bloodwatch to enlist in the Wardens if they find the life of a farmer too boring.

Ungar, like all of his people, are immortal, and so he lived on while Vonkar eventually passed.

Ungar was saddened by this, as he cared very deeply for these Henge, but was alone, like a stone in a stream watching the water swiftly pass him by. So he eventually tried to return home, to be with others of his kind.

Ungar was surprised to find that as much as the land outside of the forest had changed for the better, so the Forest had changed for the worst. He recognized none of the paths, and he could go no further than a few weeks journey into the forest. It had become a dark place, almost as if it had held and absorbed the Abyss that had laid upon it for so long.

For almost 100 years Ungar tried to find a way back to the valley that he knew existed, where his people and the Henge of the Dwarven city lived together, but though he traveled from the northern-most fringe near the Great Rift, to the southern shores by the great the Sea, he could find no passage into the heart of Parasbda.

Defeated, he returned to Bloodwatch to find that Vonkar’s son Harrduin had also passed, and his Grandson, Vonard was now a warden, blooded many times against the Giants of the Valley of Ash. So he rejoined, partnering with his good friends grandson as he patrolled the area surrounding this Henge Castle, but always thought of his home, far away and forever out of his reach.

Ungar Grumall

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