Skirmishing Priestess


1- What is your personality? I’m loud, brash, and sometimes uncouth. I have a very wicked sense of humor and I like playing practical jokes on people. I like to travel; there’s nothing more boring than constantly staying in one place.

2- What did you do in your life before you started on this path of your life? I was a scout for the garrison at Bloodwatch. It was a life I fell into unwillingly. Both my parents had served the Wardens. They urged me at a very young age to follow suit, though I had little interest in the military. I was more interested in the lives of the druids I encountered in the woods surrounding Bloodwatch and spent much of my youth with them.

3- Why did you chose to leave that life (if you did)? I was tired of being stuck in the same place for years on end. When they refused to transfer me to another division in Loxosphil, I didn’t re-enlist when my enlistment period was over. I was also tired of fighting all those damn fire giants.

4- Where are you from and what are your connections to that place? My parents are direct descendents of the refugees who settled at Bloodwatch three hundred years ago. They have even claimed to be descended from Bozena Kieracul herself, though I’m not entirely sure this is true as there is no surviving proof.

5- What is your family like? My mother is a very austere woman, not given to showing her emotions. She recently retired from active duty. My father is a humorless man who still serves the Bloodwatch Wardens. I’m his greatest disappointment, or so he says. I have one younger brother and one older sister, one a soldier, one a druid. I’m not close to either of them. I had an older brother, but he was killed by fire giants when I was a kid.

6- What do you like and dislike (hobbies, phobias, etc)? I don’t like fire giants much, but then again, who does? I don’t like those Ur-Priests who always pass through Bloodwatch on their way to the barbarian lands. There’s something about them that creeps me out. I like exploring new territories and camping under the stars. I like driving my parents crazy. I love teasing my perfect siblings into losing their composure.

7- What line have you set for yourself that you will never cross and why? I decided a long time ago to not even try to live up to my parents’ expectations. Now, I do what I want, when I want to do it. No one can tell me what to do. I’ll live by this or die in the pursuit.

8- What are your plans for the future? I’ve recently heard tales concerning one of the old gods, Fharlanghn, god of travel and the roads. I’ve decided to seek out more information, and see if maybe his divine influence can still be found in the world.

9- Who do you love and hate? I love my family, most of the time. I don’t hate anyone.

10- Who are your best friend(s) and worst enemy(ies) and why? My best friend is a Druid by the name of Hellia. She lives in the area surrounding Bloodwatch. She was one of the druids I befriended in my youth. I used to escape from the cold stone walls of Bloodwatch and wander around the woods, trying to fill up the hours of my day while I assiduously avoided my siblings and my parents. It was Hellia who first told me the stories of Fharlanghn that sparked my interest. My worst enemies are probably the fire giants.

11- How religious are you (keeping in mind that all the active Gods are Evil)? Because I love to travel, I’ve recently taken an interest in Fharlanghn, and hope to learn more about him.

12- What are your prized possessions and why? An amulet Hellia gave me a long time ago. It was a disc with a curved line symbolizing the horizon going across it. (note: apparently, this is the symbol of Fharlanghn).


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