Kai ven/Kora

9 times the fun


name/AL/S/R Kai Ven/CE/M/Human
class/lvl Urban Ranger Variant-11/Zerth cenobite-2//2//Soulknife-11
AC (T/FF) 18 (18/15) 5 in arm, +4 Force Screen, +5 Bite
speed / DR / SR 80 (90 focused)
init 3
HP / Wounded / Injured 120 / 60(-2) / 30 (-3) rage 133 +39 bite
fort 11 +3 Bite
ref 13 +2 rage +2 Bite
will 13 +2 vs enchantment
str 20 (
5) 26 (8) rage +12 BotWT
dex 16 (
3) 4 BotWT
con 17 (
2) 19 (4) rage +6 BotWT
int 14 (
wis 18 (+4)
chr 8 (-1)

BaB//Grapple 13/8/3//18


MindBlade 22/17/12 d1010+d4+d6 Vampiric 17-20×2 Thrown 18 Rage +24/24/19/14 d10+14+d4+d6 Vampiric 17-20×2 Thrown +18


MS+14, Bluff+7, Concentration+11, Kn Local+12, Tumble+13, Gather Info+8, Spot+8, Listen+0, Swim+9, Search+5, Craft-Tatoo+2, Disguise 7 (17) Languages – common, Undercommon, Elven


Wild Talent, W. Focus-MindBlade, Urban Tracking, Psi Body, Psi Weapon, Combat Reflexes, Endurance, Diehard, Speed of Thought, Reckless Rage, Gr Weapon Focus MindBlade, Gr Psi Weapon

special abilities

Favored Enemy- Human+4, Evil Out+2, Fast Move 10’, Monk AC, Fast Move 40’, Psychic Strike 3d8, Still Mind, Minor Shape Change, Whirling Frenzy 3x/day, Sneak Attack3d6, Inertial Armor 1x (+4 AC), Temporal Distillation 1x (Move Action), Force Screen 1x, Strength of my Enemy 1x, Sythesete 1x, Inertial Armor 1x, Lion’s Charge 1x, Precognition +2 att, dam save or check 1x, Backslip- reroll 1x, Timeless Step- 4rds into future1x, DR- 1/-, Bite of the Weretiger (9 MP, Cl-9), Deeper Darkvison (5MP, CL-9)


Everburning torch, 5 blessed Bandages, Unicorn Brooch- Cure Mod 3x 2d8+3, 1 potion- cure lt, 2 potions-mage armor, 2 potions- Darkvision, 2 potions- fly, 6 potions- invis, MW potion Belt, mind blade gauntlet- vampiric, Mind Blade +2 Keen, Psychokinetic


The 4 that were here

Kai Ven

Holding on to what was once hoped to be lost

Kai’s life was a simple one. He and his father tended to the small farm that their house was on. Viktor Venn was a quiet man. Quieter since the death of his wife, Kai’s mother. He loved his son and held him warmly, but there were nights when the small boy would keep to himself and hold a rage in his heart and Viktor would not approach him. He understood the rage his son had but could not banish it nor could he harvest it. Viktor, since the death of his wife felt like he was living as a shell.

It was a cloudy day, an overcast day and Kai was four years old. He loved his mother fiercely and enjoyed climbing on his fathers back as he worked.

“The work outside is done for the day,” Viktor told his son as he glanced upward at the darkening clouds and they both felt the start of rain.

“I am going to go to market,” Kai’s mother said, before the rain starts too heavy. “I will not be long.”

Kai ran to his mother, and gave her a hug before she started to rein in Chance. Neither one of them saw the two men approach. They both saw the two attack the woman, Kai saw briefly what they looked like.

The two men were not soldiers, they did not wear any crest or carry any flag. At the age of 4 Kai was not able to say that they moved like soldiers, acted like soldiers, or people that once were.

The horror continued the next night when Kai went to Chance, to find him dead, stabbed as his mother had been in many spots. Now, even more than before, Kai was able to do nothing.

Jales Ran – The blade that cuts

Jales experienced the death of his baby sister. She died in his arms and an extraordinary weapon was found not in his hands, but entwined throughout him. He recluded to a small guild of thieves, but even there love crept in, and he was denied it once more. This time, as a pacifist that swore to never hold a weapon, the young girl held out her weapon to him to rescue her from a cliff that was not natural. Jales chose to allow her to fall. And with it he fell, away from all society. He used his ability to sustain himself through will to live and survive in the desert. Only now had he left his solitude at a sign that the weapon, known as the System had returned once again.

This is not mine. There are times when I know that so clearly, but those moments are few and fleeting. there are other moments, that are not mine, that not only can I see the blades in my four year old hands

Four year old hands that should be remembering the death of a mother

that instead I can feel the blade in my hands, and the voice of my mother calling out is a sound worse than death.

Tofer – The pattern

Tofer was studying at an early age. At the age of one he gave up that his body was not able to do what his mind wanted, and rationally let that go and waited for that to change. At two he spoke six languages, all that he had been exposed to. At the age of four it was obvious that he was different from not only all other children, but from all adults as well. His parents had sought out a mage to explain the gifts of their child and perhaps to offer a path. that meeting had ended with an abrupt silence by the mage and his quicker exit.

At the age of nine life had become all about the pattern. Tofer had learned everything there was to know in the city’s library at the age of 5. He then learned how to be friendly and personable, so that he may be granted access to any personal tomes the families in his city may have had. And at nine, the use of reading had been abandoned altogether. The acquisition of knowledge through that media was slow, bulky, and cumbersome. Tofer had mastered the ability to read through touch. He knew the implications of this, the envy it would create in those who sought power through knowledge. He got over this possible fear by simply not acknowledging it. It was what it was and he could not change that. So he lived, wisely, as though it was not a reality.

At the age of 12 Tofer discovered something that had mysteriously gone through his life without him. Able to know not only the contents of a tome by touch Tofer now knew the history of anything he touched as well including the emotions of the author at the time of its writing. Then, right beneath him, too simple to be noticed, he discovered a rose. He touched it, and knew it.

The simple flower taught him of life. That was the last thing he learned before all there was to learn was darkness.

The most frustrating thing about these memories is that they occurred as flashed. I do not have the gifts that he had but I have his memories. My mind is not able to accept them as real and so they come in flashes. Mysterious symbols, patterns and truths. There is also a quiet wisdom that comes with these, but those are mostly lost in the maelstrom.

Kaylynn – the blade that holds

Kaylynn was a gifted mage. More than her talents, her personality accepted the role of an apprentice with a lightness that ran in contradiction to her teenage years. Kaylynn was always an adept at seeing a larger picture. She would amuse herself from time to time by looking at other realities. As most people in those realities looked at their lives as a straight line she liked to look at their lives in all worlds, where those lines had taken different courses. Vivid and light blue orbs were at her whim as she expanded on them and peered into the lives of all that when they went left instead of right. She pulled them back and looked as the orbs made up the realities of all, all that had been, all that would be. She saw the infinity of the future and the mystery of the past.

And all with a lightness that would translate past her reality here.

She was assassinated with a most special blade. The blade had not been seen by her before this day. It was crafted by the darker things that do not allow themselves to be seen. it held her essence, her lightness and held it in one place. It was not Kaylynn that experienced the darkness, it was her spirit.

These memories, this life…it is not a natural one. It is so extraordinary that I would love to glance at it and hold it as my own. But it is so confusing. I think Tofer would think it an unnecessary confusion, but there is something of being a girl that comes with it, something that shapes these memories. Light, inquisitive, accepting and playful, these memories may be the most intrusive of them all.

These memories are mine now. I accept that and the thought dizzying conclusion, that mine are theirs as well. The knowledge that they will not be able to distinguish the rage that has characterized too much of my life from their own.

The five that were not of here

Tadius X’R – the dream of dreams

Tadius was a drow, efficient at killing, merciless, and unrelenting. He divined the perfect balance between savoring the kill and not getting wrapped up in it to allow himself to ever be on the other side of the blade.

During the day he was a charming, beguiling, ruthless killer. At night he was a thinker, enjoying the symmetries and asymmetries of life and death. And at those times when he slept, he was a dreamer . Tadius would dream, for some time before he darkness of the creation of the perfect weapon. The weapon would be as obedient as any other simple weapon, a tool to be wielded, yet it would hold the power of an enchanted weapon, magical and powerful yet with no life of its own to interfere with the will of the wielder. He knew in his dreams that this would be a complex weapon, a system of weapons. A blade. It would be a blade.

These are dark memories, and the reason why I sought out my tattoos. You see, I must know which are mine and which are theirs. The dark truth that my hands have killed and enjoyed rekilling someone is too dark a thing to hold. I plunge ever upward toward a surface, a shimmering light above a water, and I hope to breathe in a clarity one day that comes with knowing what is mine, and knowing nothing else.

D’geo – the sound of laughter

D’geo was a halfling and an efficient killer as well. he had one weapon, a small blade that danced on D’geo’s fingertips, sliced through the wind and his prey with equal advantage.

D’geo was also a psychopath. He relished in the wants and joys of the world. He enjoyed prostitues fiercely, and occasionally allowed them to live. Human women were his favortie. He enojyed carving them afterward and painting with their blood too much to let them live too often. However, and perhaps it was a weakness, if they made him laugh, to truly laugh with the levity that a fake laugh kills, he would let them go.

This thief’s life is disturbing. I have the knowledge of this thief, I hear the cracking of the first lock and I feel the joy of it as well. i smell the scent of the first kill and feel the mad rush in my own skin. But worse, the laughter of this halfling is a disturnig thing as it learned to go both ways: to kill and seek laughter, and to hear or make a lugh and feel the joy to kill.

Rihanka – The hope of something different

Rihanka sought out a desolate place to make her home. Her slaves would not have to be conquered and they would not have the appeal of home from the land to fight for. Her slaves would come from all other places. She would shape the land to be what one may think of as typical or that of lore. She made her home into a dark forest with winding paths that reflected her heart and mind’s inner workings.

She enslaved with seduction, with force of will, and without remorse. She felt lathered by the living pain of her subjects, she relished in it.

Her last thought before the darkness came was utter surprise. How did something so akin to her approach so silently?

I do take solace in one thing. This event has altered the lives of those who have done worse than destroyed, and worse than disrespected the remains. The sweet sweet stopping. It would be a nice afterthought to seek out those people’s lives and hopefully find out that their lives have taken on some semblance of return to normality.

And how strange is this, from these thoughts, to find hope?

Krugg – to not fight the storm

Krugg was a tool, a weapon. He knew this and chose not to fight it. It was his destiny to destroy. And regret only made the next necessary slay slower. And as all things have a mirror the poetry this man who often relied on his perception being that of a slow and dull witted man was an eloquent thing. Krugg would often think of a poem he wrote as he killed, of the necessary lack of regret or afterthought. He thought of it so often that it became a mantra, something that moved as he did, that took on a life of its own. As a master of the craft he knew that he was a tool in the highest sense. He was the murder, he was the killing. And the poem gave voice to it all.

(translated from elvish to the simpler common tongue)

the lightning storm
the darkness before
and in between

the sweet stabs
of illumination that bring
of thunder that sing
of fury that sting

new life
new pain
new hurt

a storm
without end

Resolve. The necessary mission upon me to navigate through the forest of hatred and to emerge with these tattooed confirmations of rage as my guide. It is an indisputable fact that I will have to harness some or all of these lives to return to my own. And when I return to what rage gave, paradoxically, i will abandon it.

Jili – Shapeshifter (the most beautiful form)

Jili was harvested. Her birth was a natural one. It took much arcane magic to bring about a naturally born shapeshifter. Born of two shapeshifters who had taken unnaturally solidified form.

Taken from birth to shape and harness her abilities with that which is not natural. Jili went about life as a human. a human with the talen to manipulate her form. She was fed metal and steel, in slow but increasing incremental amounts. When Jili was a small teenager she was already able to from her limbs into deadly weapons. Jili was a living blade.

There is redemption here, or thoughts of it. However as the majority of her life, one that has spanned for at least 300 years, was one of darkness, the darkness would take her when she was one that was not of here.

The Darkness

The blade system would have nine parts. each of the nine would provide a necessary component. of the nine there would be the system’s past and future. There would be those of its designers, of its developers, of its wielders and those who never dreamed they would such a thing to be.

The darkness would be a process that would leave all of them in states that simply do not matter. Those who would ask of their consequence have lost sight of the vision to create and be one with the system.

They will be discarded, left to haunt whatever pasts they wish to cling to or create. such things will not be a concern.

What was done cannot be undone. There is no recourse. Nevertheless they will be scattered, at different times, as not to create any possibility of their seeking the blade’s destruction.

However, it is believed, that if any do seek out the system, it would be to passionately wish to wield it. Their memories will become one.

One disjointed memory. Or none at all.

No matter.

But it did matter. And this is the wielder of the Darkness’s flaw. I have emerged, indeed with all of the memories of the other members of the 9. But I know my name is Kai. that is my name and nothing else.

There are too many mysteries too many paths to follow, but to do any thingelse would be to surrender to a reality of a past that I must seek the way out of that would leave me to be the true wielder of this. I do not wish to be a weapon, that yielded to bring about hate and despair.

These things I have fought to learn, to discern and to be true, my tattos are as follows:

Your name is Kai – right hand
You are a human – left hand palm
You are a young man, 22 years of age (this one I realize will have to be altered, but with 8 other ages in mind, it is also necessary) – right forearm

And it is here that I have written all of the other facts that I know of the others. the tattoos are not for my learning, but or those moments when I slip into them and need reminding.

And as for my mission, to learn of the others, to find them, to free them, is filled with so many questions. If they are imprisoned, should they be freed? And when my rage allows me to return to my truth, iis it a truth I should return to? Should I not abandon all that I know and do not know and choose to begin my life here? With the past of my choosing? Chosen at the moment when asked?

But i am not a thief, I am a man. And will live as one. one who has atoned for his sins, even if I have to atone for the sins of those who are not of here to do so.

Antonio Passerini, the obvious leader of the Family, has spoken with each of you individually about the events of the other night. He asked you for a full accounting of what happened in your own words and seemed completely satisfied with it unless for some reason either of you try to lie. if so we will make some checks and stuff. Assuming that you are forthright, he tells you to do the same with the Neutrale officer who is coming to question you. If that is what you do, the case is dropped with no repercussions for either party due to insufficient evidence. There is no trace of the cousin who was accused of creating illusions and there is no record of her existence at all. If you wish to try and find her let me know.

Antonio offers you both a more permenant position within the family, with an increase in weekly stipend and more and different resopnsibilities. if you are interested, let me know.

In either case, Twelve days after the fight in the streets, and Ten days after the little girl Anna Sophia becomes “ill” as the family is putting out to the world, Angelo Passerini and the family Weaponmaster Abandanto come to you with an assignment. There are three travellers recently arrived in Vancalla who are to be brought to one of teh family’s summer houses in the countryside. Benvolio will be going with you, and you will be leaving at midnight of the 25th day of the 4th month. You are to tell no one of this mission, your story is you are being transferred to a family estate for advanced training. The three travellers are a female human warden from Loxosphil, a male half-elf, and a Male Giff.

I’m good, full coop w the fam and with the neutrale

down for the assignment and training as well

“Excellent. You handled yourself very well in the fight with Lestro,
dropped him in one blow even, and we would like to have you as a
family bodyguard. We can start with a 6 month contract for now at 20
gp a week. You will have full access to our family weaponmaster
Abandanto, although from what I have heard of your style, you may have
skills in a weapon that even he has never trained with. As a bodyguard
your first priority will be the safety of family, your second will be
the saftey of family employees, and sometimes the third will be
bringing harm to the families enemies, but only under direct orders
from a family member. I have heard of your ferocity and
‘peculiarities’ and I can appreciate the need for them, however
remember that you will be representing our family so use good
judgement when applying your talents.”

Kai ven/Kora

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