Cornelius Renfield


1- What is your personality?

Cornelius is a proper gentleman. He believes in honor, chivalry and etiquette. He can be loud and boisterous and is fond of a good meal and fine clothes. He has a well defined sense of honor, and he will uphold it in any circumstances.

2- What did you do in your life before you started on this path of your life?

His family is in the Vancallan Navy, and he has spent some time sailing the seas hunting pirates. From a young age, he seemed to have an innate sense of honor, even beyond the norm for his people. When he was a young Giff, he and some of the other kids had gotten in some trouble. Trenton Upton, the largest and boldest of the Giff children was able to bully all the others save Cornelius. Trenton had gotten the other kids to sneak in and steal some guns and run down to the abandoned docks and practice shooting. Cornelius refused, even though like all Giff he was obsessed with firearms, because he knew it was wrong. Trenton made him promise not to tattle on them and he agreed. The guardsmen of the armory found the missing weapons and assumed the kids did it as it was a right of passage to at least try. They found Cornelius and questioned him, he admitted he was there but he refused to tell who else was and bore the brunt of the punishment for all the other children, 10 lashes for each firearm stolen, and 20 for each charge of gunpowder. He bore his 200 lashes while the others watched, and to this day has never told who was involved.

3- Why did you chose to leave that life (if you did)?

From the age of 16 Cornelius has been determined to help his people return to their legacy of the stars. He seeks to become a true follower of Ptah complete with divine powers. He longs to peirce the barrier that encapsulates this world, put there by the Three and lead a Giff Navy back into wildspace. He has been searching for almost 10 years for a way to connect to the father of the Gods (as his people call Ptah) and become one of his clerics. His search has lead him to Loxosphil and the Dwarf Varnak.

7- What line have you set for yourself that you will never cross and why?

Cornelius will never dishonor himself, his family or his people. He has even left his Family heirloom, a Masterwork Blunderbuss behind so as not to risk losing it.

9- Who do you love and hate?

He has a deep hatred for all servants of the Three as he sees themas jailer who keep his people trapped here and deny them their right to the stars.

12- What are your prized possesions and why?

Other than his family gun, which is kept safe on his family estate, he has a Masterwork mace fashioned in the shape of a bull’s head, the symbol of Ptah. He cherishes this beyond all other things, and considers it a point of honor to keep it on his person at all times.

Cornelius Renfield

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