Abel Arbelest

He is the Law


At the age of 15, Abel joined the city army to follow in the step of his father. He wasn’t a very good soldier, but what he lacked in strength he certainly made up for in reason, becoming the youngest siege technician the city had. He didn’t take his job very seriously however. In fact, his favorite pastime was making “practice” catapult shots, by propelling himself and his friends over the walls into Millpond Lake.

One fateful day, the barbarians from the north amassed to test the fortifications of the city. Abel ran to his post and without bothering with safety protocol, started firing at the attackers. Unbeknownst to Abel though, a street urchin child was sleeping curled up near the catapult, tangled in the ropes, and was flung over the wall into the barbarian horde.

Abel was discharged from the army soon after the assault. It would have been a dishonorable discharge if it wasn’t for the fact that Abel’s blunder happened to have routed the enemy. The barbarians had scattered, thinking that their enemy was truly vicious and mad if they use their own children as ammunition. Angry and ashamed, Abel left the city, and vowed he would never be lax in following the rules again. Rules and laws were there for a reason, for the protection of people and if he would have followed them like he was supposed to, he wouldn’t have lost his job and honor.

So Abel went out into the world to escape his past…

Several years went by and Able had become a hardy adventurer. One day he was travelling through the woods, and off in the distance witnessed what appeared to be some sort of duel. As he got closer, he noticed that there were two elves, both dressed identically with matching armor. They were in heated battle, obviously intent on killing each other. As he got closer, the elves heard his approach. As one of them looked up, the other took that opportunity to land a killing blow. The victor then drew his bow and aimed it at Abel. A boy no more, Abel had long evolved past conventional weapons. He fired a psionic mind arrow before the elf could fire his and slew him.

This was not the fate of these two elves. Abel knew his intervention had unbalanced the event. He bound both elves and revived them. The first elf told him the story of a betrayed kingdom. An elven court destroyed when traitorous generals slew the king and the kingdom crumbled. The few loyal generals, of whom he was a member, had saved the queen and her unborn child. The other elf collaborated the story and admitted the his betrayal, but their duel he said was mutually agreed upon.

“You will finish your duel, and I will make sure that it is fair and you will have no interruption” stated Abel. The law had to be preserved. For three days the elves fought until finally one stood victorious. Tired and hungry, and never really good at telling elves apart, Abel did not even know which elf was which by the time it was all done.
“You are a strange human… but your actions here deserve reward. Please, take this fallen elf’s armor, it will serve you well.” And with that, the elf slumped down with exhaustion.
All these events had been observed… by the Inevitables. And Abel Arbalest has worked for them ever since.

1- What is your personality? I’m not sure, gonna test the waters with this one…

2- What did you do in your life before you started on this path of your life? Failed soldier

3- Why did you chose to leave that life (if you did)? To begin a journey of self-discovery.

4- Where are you from and what are your connections to that place? Probably a different material plane, and after decades away from the place, probably not much of a connection remains.

5- What is your family like? No family to speak of.

6- What do you like and dislike (hobbies, phobias, etc)? hmm… not sure. I’ll need to flesh that out as I play.

7- What line have you set for yourself that you will never cross and why? Probably a strong distain for harming the innocent and a strong desire to follow the law. When those two things are at odds, my character will probably have a difficult time.

8- What are your plans for the future? After 35 years of working for the Inevitables, retirement is looking very good… kinda like Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon

9- Who do you love and hate? Hmmm … not sure. Probably haven’t formed many loving relationships…

10- Who are your best friend(s) and worst enemy(ies) and why? The job doesn’t really afford time for either…

11- How religious are you (keeping in mind that all the active Gods are Evil)? For someone who’s power comes from “the self” religion is somewhat considered a tool for the week willed.

12- What are your prized possessions and why?

Abel Arbelest

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