The Rock IV

Time Travel?!?

Where's Scott Bakula when you need him?

They found themselves in a city set between four Mountains, but it smelled badly of unwashed sweat and stale air. Looking up, they saw that the night sky was blocked by some sort of domed barrier that held dire looking clouds of roiling Hellfire and Ash at bay. Horrified they realized they seemed to be in Bral, hundreds of years before most of them were even born. Ungar took this opportunity to divulge to the group that he was actually hundreds of years old, which given the circumstances, was too much for Otto handle as he laughed in his face at the absurdity of the statement and timing.
Noticing that they collectively were drawing attention in what appeared to be a dangerous part of town, Otto began trying to herd them off the streets and away from prying eyes while they tried to figure out what was happening, instead of arguing about time travel in the middle of the street with a fresh corpse. As reasonable as this seemed, it was a short while before he was able to convince the others of the sense in his suggestion, and by the time they were moving, several of the group noticed that they were being surreptitiously followed by a rotating group of at least 6 men.
Continuing through the streets as fast as they could manage they were eventually confronted by their pursuers as the few bystanders in the streets quickly made themselves scarce. Using a mix of trickery and brute force they made quick work of the would-be attackers, managing to chase off their leader and capture one for questioning. Unfortunately, the haste required in their flight dictated that they leave the body of Vonard in an alley after removing any valuables.
After finding a relatively safe place to hide out, Otto made his way into the inner portion of the city where he found a better place to stay, as well as some of the basic rules of the city, such as the general intolerance of non-demi-humans in the upper levels of the city.
Using even more magic, and now completely exhausted the party settled into their room to question their prisoner. They found out the general “street rules” and that they were in fact in the “past”, and that in less than an hour they had somehow made enemies of one of the Houses of the city that enforced general rule on the street. Finding no more useful info from this man, he was quickly dispatched and disposed of by Volaar, as they group argued into the night about the next course of action to take.
Ungar suggested that they contact someone that he knew from his “youth” for he was a noble and kind person who, if they could gain his trust, would not betray them. Not really having any other options, the group decided to split up after a nights rest to explore what most of them considered their two best options.
Ungar, Volaar and Dag would travel to the lower city to try and find a way down into the “Undercity “ and maybe find the device that brought them here in it’s present state.
Otto, Kora and Phaedra would seek out Ungar’s dwarven friend and try to convince him that they were trustworthy and possibly help them navigate the city without disturbing too much of the past, or even worse get killed, before they were able to find their way home.



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