The Rock IV

The Three Aren't Gods yet?

Get 'Em!!!

Volaar’s crew was unsuccessful, and Otto’s crew met with some more success. They met with the Dwarf who agreed to help after Phaedra provided some “divine inspiration”. He connected them with an ally of his, who turned out to be a youthful Shanalern, who needed escorts into the undercity to retrieve a certain text from an ancient elven library.

Shanalern teleported them down to the lowest reached of the “bubble “ that surrounded the city, using a beacon apparently left by the elves.

A Drow party, which they quickly dispatched, ambushed them then they ventured out into the swirling abyss and were then ambushed by a group of Demons. After an intense battle, they killed the lesser monkey-like demons, identified as Bar-lgura, as well as the larger Dog-like demon.

Shanalern quickly led them to the library, spoke a password, and then led them into the library, where they had a few hours to search for things that interested them. Otto found a book about Gods and Phaedra found an interesting book, but Kora was unsuccessful in his search for answers.

They returned to the main city and met up with Volaar and the others, who had unsuccessfully tried teleporting to the place in this time where the elven teleporter was located. Volaar reported a distinct feeling of being shunted or blocked from his destination and appeared in a deserted ruin of a city just on the inside of the bubble. This confirmed what Shanlern had told them about how the bubble blocked all kinds of transportative magic.

As they discussed what to do next, there was a knock on the door of their room and they received an invitation to meet with non other than Maximillian Talmek from a man wearing the colors of House Talmek. Otto tired to follow him after he left, but couldn’t follow the messenger back into the Talmek grounds so returned to the party to decide what to do.
After sharing about the library, the Party decided to return to there en masse, and were once again ambushed by demons. These however were horrific monstrosities that permanently infected both Otto and Ungar with the feeling of being covered with crawling bugs. Once at the library, Phaedra spoke the password that Shanalern used earlier that day, and they entered back into the library. Once again, everyone save Kora found something of interest, but Kora did find a reference system that suggested that some of what he was looking for was held in the one place within the library that was magically sealed against their entrance.

They met up with Shanalern again and Otto showed him some ancient drawings that he had found that seemed to illustrate the device that had brought them back through time. Shanalern seemed extremely excited about these as well, although he couldn’t decipher the writing on it any more than the others could. He did recognize it as writing in the language of magic and seemed sure that he could find some one to translate the text.

The group was loath to part with it however, and Shanalern suggested they copy it using a simple cantrip, and they agreed once it was determined the spell would only copy the text and not the illustrations. Taking the copies and one of a pair of the groups sending stones, he departed promising to contact them as soon as he had any information.

The next day found them searching for a cure to Ungar and Otto’s ailment and there was general shopping before the planned meeting with Maximillian.



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