The Rock IV

Hello Seductress

(She really is a slut)

Everyone was fixed up, and got ready to go meet with Maximillian. It was agreed that Otto would do the talking, but he decided to go in another persona, an old lady who he briefly shifted into during their fight in the street with the men who followed them immediately after their arrival.

Entering the Talmek’s lush estate on the slopes of one of the mountains that formed the borders of the city, they were ushered into a room to wait. Most availed themselves of the veritable feast left on a table until Maximillian arrived.

He was impeccably dressed and guarded his words with supreme skill, causing Otto and him to enter into what could only be described as a verbal duel. They fenced for the better part of an hour and it was surmised that Maximillian wanted to hire them as unaffiliated but official escorts for his daughter Cassandra to negotiate a deal with the head of an elven house, Bingolshan Nodeliphur. The details were hammered out and written down, with witnesses, and the party took a lesser payment of 6,000 gp/wk each in lieu of having the powerful Psion reach into their minds to assess their abilities to arrange a more accurate fee.

That being done, they accepted their payment, agreeing to meet the daughter in the morning and left before Otto collapsed from the strain of negotiating a deal with such a cunning adversary.

There was much debate that night as to what to do, it seemed that here before them was a chance to get their hands on one of the three while she was still a mortal, and Kai, and Volaar saw this as an opportunity not to be missed. After much discussion it was decided to stick with the plan and deal made with Max, after someone noted that according to history, both Alestair and Cassandra were killed, supposedly by their father, many months before the Three ascended to God-Hood.

After checking in with Shanalern who warned them of the consequences of either betraying house Talmek, or appearing to be allied with two opposing houses, they went to sleep to prepare for their meeting with Cassandra.

She was a beautiful human woman who virtually oozed sexuality, flanked on one side by a Goliath warrior and the other by a comely human female. Upon the groups entrance she whispered to the girl at her side that she would have sex with Volaar by the end of the day, and seemed to immediately be drawn to Kai, who rebuked her at first. This seemed only to encourage her, and she redoubled her efforts to engage him in any sort of act that she could.

In an alley of a main street Kai finally gave in, more from frustration from anything else, and when he was done, tried to humiliate her but the Goliath, introduced only as “Meat-Stick” interposed himself and took the humiliations meant for her without flinching.

Continuing on through territory in city belonging to a house opposed to Talmek, Cassandra led them through more alleys where they were ambushed by an Ice Devil, a group of bearded devils and some Legion Devils. In the ensuing battle, Cassandra’s female thrall was killed, and some of the companions came close themselves before narrowly defeating the Devils. Cassandra was visibly shaken, and seemed to be even more attracted to Kai after he showed her his fighting prowess. During the battle Phaedra was forced to reveal her divine powers to Cassandra as well who was possibly impressed by that as well.

She ordered Meat stick to bring the body of the girl to the Reapers, as Otto and Volaar tried to hurry them along to their appointed destination. Cassandra at this point was practically glued to Kai’s side as the hurriedly made their way through the city streets.



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