The Rock IV

Goodbye, Elyl

With that, the group said “Later Dwarves, good luck!” and teleported to Bloodwatch, where Pheadra in particular was horrified and surprised to find that there were fire giants freely wandering around the fort. Pheadra sought out her father, the commader of the garrison and they filled him in with what happened since he last saw her many months ago, and were informed that after generations of warfare, the giants were sending ambassadors to begin negotiations to stop the warfare.
Their main ambassador, a fire giant Priestess of the Reaper named Helthra Morlydd, was the daughter of the Fire giant leader who had recently united the formerly fragment tribes. This leader, Valbryn Morlyyd, is reportedly a powerful wizard, which like a cleric were not typical careers for their race.
There was (too?) much debate about how involved to get in this new development, before it was finally decided to let the garrison deal with their own problems and move on as quickly as they could to find Cornelius.
Elyl disappeared soon after they arrived, and Volaar, tiring of the debate sought out some the giants to get their perspective. They seemed surprised to one of his race in the city and offered him a place in their home when the humans betrayed him, as they seemed sure that they would. Volaar’s perspective on this situation differed from the others, due to his background, but he could not persuade Phaedra or the others that his points were valid, which seemed to frustrate him, as did most things that did not involve slaying priests.
As the group prepared to leave, they had trouble finding Elyl and when they did, were shocked and dismayed to learn that he was staying at Bloodwatch. He explained that he was needed and still being enlisted in the Militia, his duty lay here. Also on a personal note, he received word that his mother’s brother, an elven ranger, had disappeared about four months before on a routine foray into the Fire Giant lands and for reasons he could not explain he needed to find him on the advice of a private conversation he had with Shanalern while they were in Gerllun.
He recommended to the group that they take a close friend of his with them. His name is Vonard Dwobin, a Dwarf who he had campaigned with in his youth. He was an experienced woodsman, Spelunker and had visited Talbral many times in the past.



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