The Rock IV

Excerpts from the Journal of Elyl

They have nominated me to lead. I hope it is not to be astray for already my heart gives misgivings as I wonder weather I shouldn’t travel home to warn them of the impending danger.

Upon awakening after a trying negotiation and discussion, the group was told by a Muul servant of Hezzick that they were to be escorted to the City to meet with King Daregrim Gerllun’s war council to discuss strategy. This servant introduced himself as Nurdin Thurlond and that he was going to accompany them to the city to offer his services as well, on behalf of the church, along with about 15 acolytes and four of the fire bearded dogs. The druid who first led them down to the corridor where Volaar smashed the artifact was to bring them safely through Bulhelfik, the grove where they were currently located, to the southern gate of the city.
Before leaving, both Hezzick and Zerick met with them to give their farewells and present the gifts and supplies needed. In addition to the requests made by the group and arranged by Gabriel as payment for their efforts, Hezzick presented each of the group with gifts of his own. He also told him that head of Greffen Stalt was resistant to his magic, and gave him little information that they didn’t already have. The head had told him that both the remaining generals Harga and Vera were not only powerful clerics, but also accomplished Psions, and that the Vampire Defrain was a powerful Warrior, Arcane and Divine caster.
Zerick was as cryptic as usual, but did thank each of them for their help in reaching Hezzick. He told them that of all the remaining companions, Diamajia and Jarre spent the most time with Sebastian before his ascension. He wished them all farewell and told them that he was leaving this part of the world and may not be returning, but not to worry even if they chose not to help or failed in some way, he was awakening others to the problems that faced the world.
To Pheadra and Cornelius he also confided a secret. They could awaken the divine in others, as he had in them, by focusing their Divine power through a spell called Atonement, and suggested that they do so whenever possible.
Nurdin, the acolytes and the group met up with the druid, who was more talkative than the last time they had met, and named himself Garkas. They exited into the grove in the pre-dawn hours of the 2nd day of the 6th month, a wet and rainy morning. As they traveled through the lush grove, other druids and their various animal companions gradually accompanied them, and by the time they reached the border of Bulhelfik, there were an additional 12 Druids that were offering to help defend the city.
They reached the walls of the city a few hours past nightfall, wet, tired and eager for dry clothes and hot food. After moving quickly through the lower portion of the city, typically reserved for non-dwarves and visitors, the large party was admitted through the Azvir, or Stone Gate, that leads to the inner city set both on and within the mountains that form the western border of Gerllun.
The party was shown to lodgings and gratefully ate and rested before their meeting with the King’s daughter, Gloribryn Gerllun, in the morning. (I am sure that someone did something before the meeting at 9 am on the 3rd day of the 6th month, but that can be discussed later.)
The party spent the first day retelling their journey from the outpost of Kas-Farak in minute detail before not only Gloribryn, Nurdin, and Garkas, but also Shanalern, the elf wizard, and the King himself, Daregrim. The Acolytes each took detailed notes of everyone’s account, and the council lasted till past Midnight, at which point Elyl was finally able to offer their services to the King.
On the 4th day of the 6th month Shanalern brought 5 groups of scouts to various points of the wilds to gather current info before the kings plan was put into action. His plan of action, after reviewing all the party told him, was to simultaneously strike the leaders of each army in one week. Groups of diplomats had left for Karillia to ask for help from the other city-states, and to also try and find out which, if any of the city-states are aligning themselves with the Church.
Daregrim plans on leading the assault on Defraim himself, leaving the other generals, Vera and Harga to be dealt with by the party, Gloribryn, Nurdin, and Garkas. All there is to do is wait for the scouts to return in 7 days.
The scouts never returned, so the plan was enacted a week later and was mostly successful.
The companions assaulted Vera Kulmin, the illlithid priestess, defeated her and then met up with Shanalern to be returned to the city and regroup.
Unbeknownst to them, they were trailed by a medusa psion and her three Weretiger minions who traced Shanalern’s magic and surprised the group as soon as they arrived back in the Dwarven city. They teleported in, invisible, and surprised the group. After a short battle, Cornelius was felled and grabbed by the lone surviving Weretiger and the medusa teleported herself, the Weretiger and Cornelius to parts unknown.



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