The Rock IV


and more F'ing questions

Hezzick explained that the weird material is called mithrite and is connected with one of the old gods, Gond – god of the dwarves – who it seems is somehow related to Cornelius’ deity Ptah. It is also being manufactured exclusively by the dwarves in an effort to prove to the masses the existence of other deities than the Three because it is not of this world. It is instead a foreign alloy of sorts that combines the best properties of adamantite and mithril.

We then exchanged words of the armies amassing outside Gerluun. The city is preparing for siege,but does not seem hopeful given the odds. A few have taken inspiration from our recent deeds though and intend to continue in similarly attacking the encampments’ generals – or the encampments in general, we will need to speak with them for further details.

Zerick has somehow been transferred to the body of a construct. His mother was supposedly with Sebastian when he ascended to godhood – it would seem he was mortal 300 years ago but managed to wrest enough power to overcome the world’s original pantheon. Zerick’s mother received some sort of demi-deity status in the process but removed herself at some point from this plane after raising Zerick. He said his mother would tell stories of the Old Days and that there are others who might still be alive who could tell us about the Three as they lived.

But perhaps the most disconcerting thing discussed was how the Church managed to sneak 10,000 troops over so vast a distance (in seemingly so little time). The only plausible routes would be a long voyage over sea or to take them through Loxosphil, but that many troops would surely have drawn our attention. Teleportation wouldn’t be practical with that number and there are no known tunnels underground. So some other sort of magic seems to be in play…

After our meeting with Hezzick and Zerick we debated a good while about which path we would take next, eventually talking ourselves in circles as we seem wont to do.

Everyone seems to have their own agenda and about the only thing we all were able to agree upon was that we need more information. Most wish to thwart the Church however we can, but for the exception of Else who admitted to having worked for the Temptress for some time; something that makes perfect sense now in retrospect given his skill set.

Finally, it was decided that we needed a leader we would all be willing to follow. Though the majority seemed to favor Cornelius he abstained saying he would follow us but had no wish to lead. After much debate concerning the nomination of Else and then questioning whether his current mental faculties were up to such a task it fell to me.

Thus, we shall reconvene our meeting with Hezzick and Zerrick on the morning and then speak with the dwarven resistance head to determine whether we shall aid them in their quest. After that we will check on the state of Herllin on our way to Al Quaz in search for the two constructs, Jan and Simon, who knew the Three when they walked this plane.



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