The Rock IV

A new leg of the Journey

Later, Dwarves!

Devastated, the party met with King Daregrim, who successfully killed the Vampire general, Defraim. His daughter Gloribryn, Nurdin the druid and Garkas the Priest never returned from attacking Harga, and are presumed captured or dead.
Somehow the party was talked into/agreed to try and rescue any survivors, but were told by Shanalern that he would only bring them to the check point, not pick them up, now that it seems he can be traced or followed when teleporting he assumes his checkpoints are compromised.
He was right, as soon as they arrived at the checkpoint, there were Reaper soldiers waiting in ambush. Shanalern immediately left, and the group defeated the ambushers quickly.
They headed to the last known spot of the invading army camp, and came up with some sort of plan that involved Phaedra and Elyl flying in invisible and then teleporting out with the survivors (if any).
That plan went somewhat awry as Phaedra ad-libbed, and discovered a trap was set up to catch them, as a platoon of archers were revealed by the priest and attacked Phaedra.
Elyl flew away still invisible trusting Phaedra to stick to the plan, which she eventually did able to bring only two survivors, the priest and the Druid.
She was followed by the Priestess Harga, and two minions a dwarf priest and an elf Wizard, presumably through the use of Psionics.
There was a brief battle in which several Fireballs and Flame-Strikes were brought down upon the group and nearly killed Phaedra and finished off the survivors of the strike force. The group however emerged triumphant and managed to kill the remaining leader before returning to the city with the bodies of the dwarves.
Exhausted and spent, Phaedra immediately went to sleep after reporting to Daregrim, while the others took stock of the situation and realized that they needed to try and rescue Cornelius, and move on from Gerllun, now that they were no longer working for the Passerini’s and had for the most part no ties remaining here.
Else revealed that in about a month, the city of Talbral would e in the grips of a celebration known as the Day of Temptation, when all of the city was given over to Chaos and revelry to mark the beginning of the four month period where leadership is given over to the Church of the Temptress. They decided to make their way to Talbral by teleporting with Pheadra to Bloodwatch and hoofing it the rest of the way from there.
That left only the matter of who go with them, and the group persuaded Dag to stop be so secretive and share his story so that they could decide if he were trustworthy, which he eventually did with some unwelcome assistance from Else.
The next morning, Daregrim presented the group with gifts and asked them to stay and help, but they declined the offer and took the gifts. Volaar took one last chance to try and find his people in the south of Gerllun, but found only reaper armies where the alliance of Dwarves and Hobgoblins once were. He saw a strange creature that seemed to be a leader of some sort that was identified as a Beholder when he reported back to the group.



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